Annual Seminar 2017 - Mental health and wellbeing in a digital age


We were delighted by the fantastic turnout at our 2017 Annual Seminar on September 1, which focussed on supporting young people's mental wellbeing in an increasingly connected world.  We had a wonderfully diverse range of attendees, including parents, educators, social workers, charities and mental health professionals, from throughout Victoria.

Many thanks to everybody who attended, as well as all those who made this seminar possible. We are most grateful to Brighton Grammar School for hosting us in their beautiful new Wellbeing Centre; to Sally Pryde of the Department of Education and Training; and to Tim Wilson, federal MP for the electorate of Goldstein, who officially opened the seminar and kicked the day off to a great start.

And of course, all praise is due to our brilliant speakers and their relevant and engaging insights into student wellbeing:

  • Christine Ireland, past president of the Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented, who spoke about social and emotional issues facing high-achieving students

  • Josh Reid Jones, founder of the Just Be Nice project, who discussed the project's focus on social responsibility and providing equal opportunity through housing, employment and mental health

  • Dr. Glen Melvin, senior lecturer and clinical psychologist at the Monash University Centre for Developmental Psychiatry and Psychology, who discussed anxiety in children and ways of supporting children's mental health using a range of phone apps

  • Martine Oglethorpe, Accredited eSafety Presenter at Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner, who discussed digital resilience and potential online traps for young people

  • Casper Pieters, of SOOCed, who spoke about how parents can support their children to became safe and responsible digital citizens

  • Kylie Warry, lead trainer with Teamology, discussed how parents can assist their children in building resilience through a strengths-based approach

You can see more photos and read more about the Seminar over on our Facebook!